Your family photography session

I offer in-home documentary family photography and on location lifestyle family photography in the greater Bunbury area. My sessions are super casual and relaxed and the aim is to capture nothing but genuine smiles, laughs & giggles as well as that oh so beautiful connection between you and your kids.





If this is the type of family photography you’ve been looking for – then let’s do it. You can book me via my contact page or simply send me and e-mail at We’ll then discuss what sort of session you have in mind – whether it is an in-home session or on location, or maybe a mix of both! I’m keen to hear what appeals the most to you.

If you’re unsure about where to shoot I am more than happy to recommend a few spots I know work well that always yield amazing images.

I’ll also ask you to tell me a little bit about you and your family so I can be prepared and ready to capture the ‘real’ you when we meet to shoot and have fun.



Your session will run for about an hour and half. You can expect it to be relaxed, fun and enjoyable so no need to feel nervous beforehand.

During the sessions nothing is forced. I will help you connect with each other instead of the camera. You can expect a great variety of images including some of you and the kids, the kids alone as well as some cute photos of just you and your partner while the kids run around doing their thing.

Because once we’ve nailed some amazing photos of the whole fam bam together I will let your kids go bananas and go with the flow. This is my favorite part of the session because when we let the kids be kids magic happens. This always results in the best and most genuine images of your kids – images that truly showcase their cuteness, cheekiness and personality.

Do you prefer to do a 100% documentary styled session from start to finish? Easy! Just let me know a time and place and I’ll be there to capture your little story in all its beautiful unpredictability :)



After the sessions I am normally super excited to see what moments we captured together and will begin the post processing of your images as soon as my schedule allows me. You photos will generally be available for you to view around 2 weeks after the session date. They will be displayed to you in a beautiful online gallery where you will be able to choose your favorite images for purchase.



If you’re looking for a Bunbury family photographer who knows how to capture genuine emotion and connection without breaking your bank you’ve come to the right place. My family photography sessions run for about an hour and half and are $99 which is payable at the time of booking to secure your spot.

You can check out my detailed pricing here or if you’re already ready to roll simply contact me to make a booking.


Frequently asked questions

As opposed to traditional family photography, documentary family photography is 100% candid and 100% unplanned. The fun part is that you’ll never know exactly what type of images you will end up with after a session. The only thing certain is that the photos will be full of everyday magic.  They will be a treasure for the now and future – especially for your kids when they grow older.

I love to do these sessions in peoples homes. I find that in-home sessions add so much more personality to the images. Don’t worry – I couldn’t care less if your home is untidy and the floors are scratched. I’m not there to judge, I am there to capture your family and all that goes with it. (Even if it includes a bit of mess)

I really like to document it all.

The cuddles and giggles.

The beautiful bond between parents and kids having a laugh on the couch.

The work of art your toddler just made on the floor with his milk bottle.

The silliness.

The over the top tantrums.

+ all the other small bits and pieces that makes each family truly unique.

Like the documentary sessions, my lifestyle family photography sessions are also super casual and relaxed.  They can be done in-home or outdoors. As opposed to a 100% documentary session which is more of a ‘what ever happens happens’ type of session the lifestyle sessions  is a bit more structured. I will give you a lot more direction, and there will be a little bit of posing involved.

For the majority of the time you’ll still be interacting with each other tho – not the camera. The final gallery will contain a good mix between candid and lightly posed family photos.

Both sessions are designed to be fun and relaxed for everyone involved. Which session is right for you simply depend on what type of images you are looking for. Of course we can always do a hybrid session – including the best of both worlds!

The documentary sessions are for those who treasure true authenticity and want to document their family ‘as is’. The photos from these sessions will be 100% personal, natural and real. You’ll most likely will end up with a few that is suitable for wall art (if you request this before the sessions I will make sure you do!) but the majority of the photos are captured with the intent to be showcased together – either in an album or in a slideshow.

The lifestyle session leans more towards a classic family portrait session – the images will still be candid, full of life and with natural expressions, but there will be a lot more guidance and posing involved. The session and the photos will be more structured, and the final images would suit being hung as wall art as well as displayed as albums.