Hi, I'm Ingrid kjelling

Black and White Portrait of Ingrid Kjelling, Bunbury & South West Wedding Photographer

Your Bunbury & South West Wedding Photographer

Much like you, I’m a positive, down-to-earth, adventure-seeking, road-trip enthusiast who loves everything the South West has to offer.

I am a storyteller by heart and here to document your honest, unplanned and spontaneous wedding day moments as well as the official ones. Because every moment, big and small, is significant to your story.

My photography style is natural, intimate, and honest. Allowing your personality, connection and wedding day atmosphere take center stage. I capture what I see happen as it happen letting you enjoy your moments without interruption.

And I’m not only your wedding photographer for the wedding day. We’ll get to know each other long before that. First during your complimentary pre-wedding photo adventure. Then for coffee or drinks when I assist you in planning your stress free wedding day timeline.

We’ll totally get along if

You see your wedding as the perfect excuse to bring your favourite people together for one fun celebration!


You’re the type of couple who would embrace less than ideal weather and dance barefoot in the rain.

If this is you let our wedding adventure begin!

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I’m Norwegian and grew up above the Arctic Circle. Where the sun never sets during summer, and the northern lights dance the night away during winter.

I’m known to mix up my v’s and w’s as well as calling the number 3 a tree. (My partner says it’s cute)

My week isn’t complete without eating Mexican at least once or twice (or ‘tree’ times) 😂

I once road-tripped from Sydney to Perth in a van together with another friend called Ingrid and one called Inga.

In my early twenties I spent a total of 13 months over a two year period in Bali Indonesia at the ‘school of life’

I spent my first year in Australia speaking Singlish. Because all my house mates were Singaporean lah.

I actually have a degree in corporate and investment finance. From the University of Western Australia – Surprise!

In 2017 I ran a 10 day photography adventure to Northern Norway together with one of a kind photography.

My most commonly used emoji is the crying laughing emoji. Or the one with sunglasses. Because Australia.

My biggest ‘time suck’ is when I edit photos. Before I know it all day is gone and I haven’t even had lunch yet.

I never saw myself becoming a wedding photographer. However  after my first wedding I realised that weddings were the perfect setting for my documentary style photography approach and I haven’t looked back since.